Building Solutions

There are a few ways we meet the needs of customers:

Custom Homes:

This is the process utilizing the customer’s unique ideas and designing a home that fits their desires, budget and lifestyles. We can provide the land or build on land already owned by the client. In this scenario the project is financed by the new owner.


Prebuilt Homes:

This option is a little easier in one respect inthat the customer can walk through the home already built and see if it is his ideal home and in his budget. This method of building homes allows us to push our design and building skills to its ever increasing limits.



Although it isn’t our focus, it is an option we have exersized with many happy customers in our wake. Remodeling takes amazing vision, planning and ability to work through obsticles. We take pride in the ability to roll with any situation and make it a positive experience.



Currently we are in the process of developing Arctic Fox Estates, a 105 acre neighborhood 3.25 miles down Eielson farm road in North Pole, Alaska. We have rezoned the area into larger lot sizes with the ability to develop different lifestyles as appropriate in a farm community. The minimum lot size is approximately 4 acres.